Michigan Animal ChaplainWelcome! May you enjoy, learn and share what is presented pertaining to animal companions. The term “animal” refers to any and all of God’s creatures you have who are part of your family. Families might have a dog, cat, bird or more unusual species – bird, ferret, miniature pig, or many other species.

Families know that the animal of their choice will quickly become a member of the family. These companions bring unconditional love, total devotion, and loyalty to all human members. They never reprimand, they neither ask questions nor make any comments. In their eyes we are perfect.

This website is dedicated to all families who experience events that bring stress/sadness to them because: companion ate something that could be poisonous; was injured by another animal; was hit by a car. The list is endless.

It is also dedicated to the animals who experience events that bring them stress and sadness; illness /separation/death of family member; best human friend going to college or moving someplace where companions aren’t allowed. Again, the list goes on and on.

To whom do people and animal companions turn to for support when suffering from grief? Their faith organization? Good friends? Other people with four-legged or winged companions? Who would you turn to – someone who would understand what you are feeling and want to be there to help you through the stages of grief? Who wants to be with you as you cry and share words of sadness? This type of spiritual support during difficult times is what an Animal Chaplain brings to you.

There are people we know and care-for who don’t have animal companions and do not understand how critter people think and feel about their animals. A dear friend and I were discussing my calling. She doesn’t “feel” for critters as we do. Do you have friends who “feel” that way? Respect how they feel and think, but realize that you need others who do understand.

Again welcome.
Blessings and Peace,
Chaplain Eydie

If you have questions or comments, please contact me.