An Editorial: For The Sake of Our Pets

Our love for our pets is not just for the present, but extends to our and their futures.  This subject is not one that we want to think about as it brings forth the feelings of sadness about our and/or their deaths.  In our hearts and minds we know pre-planning is best for the sake of our family and friends.  It is hardest on our emotions as we will feel the feelings of loss while doing our planning. 

Scarlet O’Hara summed the situation perfectly when Bret told her, “Scarlet, frankly, I don’t give a damn.”  She avoided feeling the loss by saying,  ”…I’ll think about it tomorrow.”   (For you younger people, that’s from the movie, ‘Gone with the Wind‘).

I’ve pre-planned for myself and my 10 year old four legged girl.  I know who will take her if something happens to me.  There will be money for her care.  I also have a plan if she leaves before I do.  My children know both plans.

This planning is stressful, but I am pleased that it is complete.  I know that my wishes will be respected.  What about you and your pet(s)?  Are they protected by a plan?

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Ol Boy – Fulfillment of a Dying Wish

Recently we came across a very inspirational and moving video on about a stray dog called Ol Boy that we would like to share with you.

The video below has been provided by his caretakers and it documents the process of getting Ol Boy off of the street and into a home with a loving family who made it possible for him to pass on with dignity.