Frequently Asked Questions

Grief Counseling and Prayer for Family PetsMy family doesn’t go to church.  Will you help us have a Celebration of Life service? 

A:  Absolutely!  I’ll meet with you and your family, and we’ll plan a service that meets your needs.

What do you charge for your ministerial services?

A:  Nothing, I never want to keep people from seeking my help because they can’t afford to pay.

I live alone but have two cats.  They are my family.  Is it possible to have their remains buried with me when I die?

A:  Yes, your cats are family.  You’d have to talk with the funeral home or cemetery.  I see no reason for them to refuse your wish.

I was told there are now hospices for animals.  Is this correct?

A:  Yes, hospice care is beginning to appear using the term Hospice.  If a pet has an incurable health issue, and the owner does not want to euthanize him/her, a discussion with the veterinarian would be in order.

Do veterinarians make house calls, if someone can’t get to their clinic?

A:  Yes, there are vets who do this.  You need to calls those in your area to identify those who do go to homes.Chaplain Services for Family Pet

Our dog is 13 years old and getting feeble.  Our city won’t allow our burying him in our yard, and we don’t know of a pet cemetery nearby. Do you have any suggestions?  

A:  You are so wise to plan ahead of time.  If you wait until your dog dies, grief can cloud your thinking.  I suggest you speak with your vet as he/she knows what other clients have done.  Also look online for pet cemeteries to see what’s available in terms of memorials.  You’ll be surprised at all the options. First, speak with your vet.

Our dog needs surgery, and we can’t afford it.  Is there anywhere we can find financial assistance for this? 

A:  There is nothing more heart wrenching when we can’t afford a procedure that will heal our animals. Look online under animal ministries.  There might be a group that helps financially.  Check with the charitable groups in your area.  They might be able to help or they might know of other resources you can contact.  Maybe your friends and family will help you raise the money with a rummage sale, bake sale, etc. Please call or email me, if you need to talk.  I’m here for you.